High end interior service

Not only for women...

Indeed, everyone appreciates a fresh interior, carpets,  seats or curtains whatever...this is real luxury!



My name is Frank De Vos, living in Belgium and owner of Safeclean since 1986.

After all this years still cleaning with passion for my job but and for my clients.

Often we work in highend environments. 

Safeclean is a special one... we still clean by hand, highend carpets, seats and sofa's, curtains etc. 

Cleaning by hand is oldfashioned, not efficiënt, slow and expensive?

For sure if you wait to long to give your interior a litlle love and care...


But it is extremely SAFE what makes it very interesting especially for expensive materials!


If you are prepaired to give your materials a little bit of care now and then, handcleaning is



Till last year, Safeclean our smal company near Brussels mostly served the happy few.

Recently we decided to share our 35 years experience. This decision can probably help you and many other people who appreciate  'A DAISY FRESH INTERIOR' 


Indeed, a little  effort is necessary. ( less than 30 minutes every 3 months?)

If you are not prepaired  to do this, ask your cleaning lady or leave this site :)       


The good news is our DFI PACKAGE is much more than a few excellent products...


The DFI PACKAGE is complete and includes


  • Products, easy an safe ( exactly the same products we use as top professionals)
  • Application  (how much time you have to spend to be sure your interior looks always  perfect)
  • On line assistance if you have a problem f.i. with a difficult spot, fragile tissue etc