Some pictures of our daily life


Our safeclean UK friend Andy Stephens (top right of the photo) regularly worked for Paul Mac Cartney and renovated the leather seats of the QE2 docked in Japan. Nice references ... (1)


Cleaning the interior of a nice Bentley (2)


Braun spot before (3) and after our treatment (4).


Handcleaning of a  custom made sofa (alcantara) (5)


Cleaning a 20 year old' Van Besouw cotton wall to wall carpet (type 3802) Tge left side is the situation before cleaning.(6)


Handcleaning 60 year old silk curtains(7)


My wif Martine restoring a persian carpet.(8) 


Cleaning a sofa in the 'Chanel' shop Brussels (9)


Before our treatment (10) and after (11). A design sofa 'Tufty time (B&B Italia Design Patricia 





Almost every day we work in the most beautiful houses, palaces, castles, villas, mansions, impressive apartments, ..
but even more ,
we have the pleasure of meeting interesting people again and again..
you have to earn those customers
  • know-how
  • service
  • trust
  • results
  • refereces
  • passion