DFI PACKAGE, the result of 34 years cleaning passion.  Not only made for interior maniacs.., but also for smart people. 


Maybe easy to put a cleaning product on the market, nice bottle, good smell, a lot of promotion..

That's not what we do. The DFI PACKAGE is almost the opposit!

Standard bottle, no smell, minimum of promotion,..

The DFI PACKAGE is much more than a product, it's a total concept! It's our engagement!

Probably, no other company, even the biggest in the world have our experience in the field.


Is a part of my dream of live wich is to conserve our know-how build up in 34 years for the future generations.


It's worth a try?

Because,  our highend customers pay a lot of money for our unique 'handcleaning' interventions...

A DFI PACKAGE is much cheaper compared with a Safeclean intervention.

Indeed, you have to do a little work yourself, but it's a minimum to have great results without any risks.


Most people wait too long and so they create major problems. Than it becomes expesnsive... in the worst case, a new sofa! 


Consider this example:

You bought a 5 seat sofa for  5000€

Your ambition to enjoy your investement for 20 years is certainly possible if your sofa is a good quality and if you follow properly our advise!

If not,  you will have to adjust your ambition..




After a time your sofa becomes a litle bit dirty.  Some zones more dirty than others (armlayers,  head,..)

If you follow our advice, no problem it's so easy to remove the little dirt to give your sofa his new look back.


If not, the dirt will cumulate slowly but certainly the first years. But faster and faster till it becomes very difficult to give it is new look again.   ( this can happen already in less than 5 years depending on the situation )  


The extra value we give you with our DFI CONCEPT is big?

We estimate: minimum 30% at least... (or 1500€)


  • permanent fresh, not only the first year(s)
  • less wear
  • less cleaning costs
  • less worry


I know, 30% extra value is an estimate and depends on so many factors, 

  • the quality, colour, of your sofa
  • your own excpectations
  • the situation 
  • how much you will spend for a profesional cleaning etc.